Monday, July 28, 2014

Merry Christmas in July

 We did Christmas in July over the weekend with the kids. Roasting a chicken, eating green bean casserole and stuffing.
 And opening a few presents. Sciencey things for Jack, a tea set for Sam, and a choo choo bridge for Grant.

 Which inspired many hours of Thomas play.
 I really dig the strawberry tree. I am thinking about a strawberry party for Sammi's next birthday I think.

It's all done now until next year and we are two! short weeks from the start of school already.

Whoa. :-0

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  1. 2 weeks until school?! You guys must have gotten out way earlier than we did. Maddie doesn't go back until after Labor Day & Alex doesn't start until the end of September.

    That strawberry tree is the best. A must do theme for Sammi's next birthday (if she'll allow it). HA!



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