Monday, July 14, 2014

Party in a box

We tried taking a photo of the supermoon through the lens of the telescope this weekend. It didn't work out exactly as I had planned (man, we are moving fast! keeping up with the moon through the telescope is a challenge), but it's a pretty cool photo still.

 This weekend we had a little impromptu birthday party for my niece, who turned 13 this week. As I was prepping things (in a big old hurry), I realized I really need a generic birthday party in a box kit.
One that I can use for boys, girls, or grown ups. And have ready to go in 30 minutes or so.  Obviously I didn't have that this time, but I think the kit could use - a wreath, a special tablecloth, hats, a bunting, streamers, candles and something that works for a table centerpiece. (I am not sure what that something is yet.)

This time I had the kids stamp some quickly construction paper crowns, which actually worked really well (and could do in place in hats if I had some premade).
We pulled out the vintage honeycomb decorations (which would always work and I plan on putting in the kit).
Picked wildflowers for the table and added some pinwheels I had lying around from a wreath project. I let the kids take those home as favors. Flowers would be the obvious choice for an anytime centerpiece, but I want something I already have on hand (no trips to the store) because sometime this is REALLY short notice.
The bunting is made and is a good start to the kit.
I tried to use every color so it would always work.
I redid the wreath we used for Sammi's third birthday with more numbers. I want to make a balloon wreath instead of this for the kit I think.
And added her name to the door.

It all worked just fine, but I am on a mission birthday box mission now.

Do you keep a kit like that? 


  1. What an awesome idea! I do keep an impromptu party kit. It's called the garage refrigerator and it is always full of beer and wine.

    Have an awesome week!


  2. I have a birthday box - hats, candles, blowers, a tablecloth, a Happy Birthday banner that I won from Jerusalem and an emergency pack of plates and napkins in case it is impromptu. We always set the coffee table up on birthdays for everyone in my family, so this helps me do it fast.


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