Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sammi girl, 3.5 years old

 It was Sammi's turn for updated portraits this week and boy, oh boy, she did NOT want to cooperate. She didn't want to get dressed or get in the car or get out of the car. AND  NO SMILING.

 Her hair was a complete wreck by the time we arrived.  Whatever, I mostly have given up on that stuff with the little two right now.
 Those shoes were her choice, btw. :-) I actually like them with that bright pink dress, but she wanted nothing to do with that dress.
 This is the one I choose. You would hardly know she was being such a pain in the rumpus!
3.5 is, well, three and a half. Full of drama, bossy, opinionated, demanding, complaining. But also - striving for independence and funny and sensitive and caring and learning new things every minute and full of questions and wonder.

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