Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Wednesdays are "get wet Wednesdays" for the kids this summer, but today it is only 70 degrees, so way too chilly for the pool. I had forgotten that the new playgrounds they are building around here come equipped with "splash pads", aka an area of ground with sensor triggered fountains for the kids to play in, until I noticed one mentioned in a playgroup email. I decided that was the perfect solution for a chilly get wet Wednesday. Are these a *thing* where you live?

 (On a side note - our swimming pools do not open until 1 pm! That means we cannot go swimming until after Grant has a nap, or 3 30 in the afternoon. Going swimming then requires so much planning on my part - making sure dinner is in the crockpot because they will be starved when we get home at dinner time, etc. It's a REAL bummer.)

These playgrounds are "inclusive" playgrounds with equipment for kids of all abilities. This one has musical instruments too. I want one of these in the backyard. So cool.
This climber is 6 feet in the air. Brilliant Grant decided to climb up (despite not really having the skills to do so), got all the way to the top and then couldn't make it over to the platform. It was too high for me to reach and I was holding him while standing on the ground. Jack tried getting him from the top, too hard again. He kept clutching tighter and tighter and would NOT let go (While screaming bloody murder) and I was starting to panic about getting him down. Oy.

This slide was so fast he came shooting off the end. Again and again.

Anyway, this splash pad thing?
TOTAL WIN as far as I am concerned. Kids can get wet, we can do it early in the morning, it's low key, low hassle, I do not have to be panicking the entire time that someone is drowning while I am trying to manage three kids with different wants and needs in a swimming pool, there was no whining, no fighting.

And they love it.
Oh yea, it is FREE.
Honestly, it is NOT very often that an activity with these three feels relaxing to me (or like I ever want to do that again, at least right now), but this was nice. I could just sit there and watch them play.

We will be going back again.

And again.

Now I am going to get Grant down for a nap and enjoy the cool wind blowing through the windows for a few minutes. 

Right after I find the purple gems Samantha is moaning about. And change another diaper. :-) 


  1. You need one of those splash pads in your backyard! I do too :-) Wonder if I'm too old to play in one?


  2. Yeah, we have these here, but I haven't taken the kids for years. Fear Of All Crowds.
    Most pools around here aren't open for free swim till 1:00 either, because swimming lessons and water aerobics take up the am.


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