Saturday, August 09, 2014

Busy work

Oh my goodness, last week was NOT a good week at all around these parts. The kids were insane, the obligation list a mile long and by 9 pm last night I was ready to throw in the towel all around. Oy.

Yesterday I had to take my Dad to the VA for some tests. I knew it was going to mean a lot of sitting (I had no idea that their "3 hours" really meant I would be sitting down there for SEVEN HOURS though).  I rushed around Thursday night prepping a lot of hand sewing projects to take with me.  Turns out I took everything but a SEWING NEEDLE down there with me so I didn't get a single one of them done. Instead I literally just sat there staring at walls for 7 hours. Good times that.  (Actually it made me so crazy mad - I NEVER have kid free time like that! and there I was "wasting" it!)

Anyway, I finished up some of them today:
A pencil pouch for Jack for school since I refused to pay $5 for one in Target (and Jack said he would prefer I made one anyway).  I thrifted this fabric, and I only have a little bit of and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is? It's fairly modern - since 2005 or so I would imagine?  It's hard to find good fabric for stuff for Jack and this stuff is perfect, I would love to find more.
I decided to personalize that quilt I picked up last week for Grant to use.

I am digging the orange and blue together.
And even though it is 2 months away, I made Jack's birthday shirt.

I have Grant's prepped too but I need to hand sew that one.

The coin quilt is taking forever because I keep having to order fabric from the darn internet! 

We are going on a small vacation with my in laws soon and I need more hand sewing to take with me, but I am quickly running out of projects and ideas! (I am clearly way more into machine sewing these days.)  Maybe I need to make a Halloween costume for Grant...


So, that's the week in brief review from our house. Hopefully things were smoother out there in internet land!


  1. That print is Spirograph doodles! (Did you not know the joys of Spirograph????)

  2. Wow -- that spirograph print is fantastic -- it would sure be fun to find more of it. Have you see this new line: Some of those prints would be great for Jack!


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