Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flea Market on Wednesday

My to do list is threatening to become the to do list that swallowed New York at this point. This plus two small, dawdling, fighting toddlers is NOT a good mix. Yesterday I was pretty sure I would just have to lie down in the driveway and DIE when it was taking almost an hour to get us all in the car to go to the darn grocery store!

It does not help that for the first time this summer it is 100 boiling degrees and my beloved St Louis is the center of the entire world of controversy right now. It is all anyone thinks, watches, hears, talks about and breathes here at the moment. I am NOT optimistic by nature, but as I grow older I am trying very hard to be. It's something about having kids I think - the need to believe the world is going to be okay. I am feeling maxed out on the nasty right now and I am banning myself from the tv and the internet and everything else for a few days. (I am sure somewhere someone is snarking on that very idea, but sometimes it is all just TOO much.)

Anyway.  Flea market Sunday stuff on a Wednesday.
I might not have bought this fabric but I am searching for large vintage yardages for quilt backs. It was marked 78 inches, not enough for a back, but enough to piece a back. I opened it up after I bought it (oops) and it is less than a yard. Silly me.
There are at least two yards of this, but its a cotton duck, so no good for quilts. I will, however, work for backs/backpacks/things Grant will need for PDO. Soon, I hope that happens soon.
There was another stack of quilt blocks. I have played with laying these out - debated making them my next quilt (I have two done right now waiting for binding), but I am not sure I love them enough to make that happen.  They do not work in this configuration either.

They might be Etsy bound.

Speaking of etsy, if you were asking about the Christmas seals a few weeks ago I have started listing them. It's slow going, but they are getting there.

I have no clue what this is or why I bought it other than it was cheap and cheerful. And I wasn't finding a whole lot to buy.
I did, however, snag another quilt. A very sweet Dresden plate.
With an ice cream cone border.

I really need to swap out the quilt display, but yea, please let PDO happen soon. (Grant has to turn two and I have to scrounge up the insanely high fees). LOL

If you have emailed about the swap - you are in. Do not mistake my lack of response as something other. I wait until we are full to email. There are still 6 spots open. Join us, wont you?


  1. Ugh. What a freaking mess. I don't blame you for trying to steer clear of the news coverage. It's all over the place here in Oregon. I can only imagine what it must be like there.

    On a totally unrelated note...that Dresden quilt is gorgeous. I hope to find one soon :-)


  2. I've had to stop paying attention myself. No snarking here.

    That Dresden quilt is divine. SCORE!

  3. Love that quilt, esp. the border.

  4. That's a bird toy - put it on the perch in a bird cage to entertain the bird. Or make him think he has a buddy so he will SHUT the hell up. I've never seen those blocks put into a circle before - I thought it was a fan block? But I know NOTHING about quilting.....


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