Sunday, August 03, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

 I am still out there slogging away trying to find some decent junk before the season is dead!

After a dud of a yard sale yesterday morning (where they never bothered to open, even though I waited forever and drove forever, ANNOYING), I hit an estate sale that I didn't think held much promise. I left quite happy though!
 A life sized Santa.
 A plain baby quilt.  I can't decide if I should save it to put on Grant's toddler bed...
 Or scavenge the fabric. Stars!
 Awesome glass HUGE glass beads (I am still being picky about anything Christmas).
 This is what's inside...
 this wonderful, large Easter egg.  The blue is amazing. These things just don't photograph well without a kid holding them. LOL

We rounded up the kids and hit the flea this morning.  A few weeks ago I left behind an iron doll bed because the price was just too high.  I thought about it for days though. I tried looking on Ebay. It really was unusual to see an iron doll bed. I LOVE the American Girl Doll Bed for Kit and told myself I could just buy that instead.  And then this week a SECOND iron doll bed appeared for about half the price.  The older man who sold it to me said he had never seen an iron one before, loads of wood ones though. When I confessed I hadn't either until a few weeks ago but that I already had plenty of wood ones he said it belonged with me then. I couldn't agree more!
 This is the print on the mattress. I need to get the detoriating foam out of the inside and try and save the fabric to restuff. It will be an AWFUL job though.
It also had a sweet pillow and blanket, the pillow is covered with an elaborate lace. I don't think the blanket will stand up to any sort of cleaning though and it's pretty well beyond saving.
 I know a lot of the dealers at the flea and this was in the truck wrapping up something from two guys I like who sell what they jokingly call "mantiques".  He laughed when I said I wanted to buy it, but sold it to me anyway. Its a printed quilt, not pieced and here it is still wet and hanging on the fence. (They once sold me a dollhouse and since they never sell that kind of stuff they have remembered me ever since, LOL).

 The biggest score from the estate sale was a HUGE box of never used, full sheets of vintage Christmas seals.
 From 1940 through 1971.

There are like 15 lbs of them. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of them.

Coming to an etsy shop near you soon. :)

Not too shabby of a week!

This is our last week before the kids go back to school. I have almost made it! Wooohoooo!

P.S. We talked about this a little on facebook, but I am doing the Halloween ornament swap again this year.  I will open signups about mid August I think!


  1. Awesome! I have my eye on another painted rock swap project.

  2. I LOVE those Christmas seals and the Santa! Awesome finds. I can't believe how many seals there are...will you let me know when you list them?

  3. Love the Santa. Never seen an iron doll bed. Such a special find.

  4. I bought a box lot of vintage Christmas from a garage sale a few years ago and in it was a vintage card box full of old seals. I love them but have never been able to come up with anything to do with them. Yours should sell really well!


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  6. Score! I Love the Santa and vintage seals. What a great find! I would be interested in some of the seals...are you going to break some up into sets? There are a lot of great graphics on them.


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