Sunday, August 17, 2014

Halloween Swap 2014

Since it is only August 17th, this is sure to offend some of you, but I really want to do this again and I am just too busy here for a short while to think I will get back to the blog much over the next two weeks.
Besides, when I picked these up in TJMaxx this morning I knew I should just go ahead and pull the trigger.

So - Halloween swap time.

(Kim's ornament last year).

I will leave sign ups open until we are full or Sept 1, whichever comes first.

There will be 13 spots open. You will make 13 Halloween/Fall themed projects and send them to me by Oct 1 along with $5 to help cover the cost of return shipping. I will divide them up and you will get back 13 different ornaments. Please do not sign up if you are not serious about following through! Everyone else will already be crafting for you and that is unfair to everyone.

What can you make? Here is a link to my Halloween tree pinterest board in case you need ideas. In general it is *nice* if they can go on a tree, but I am not rigid about that. We have had other very lovely decorations in years past that do not go on my tree. Use whatever materials you want, be creative! 

Don't have a tree? You can spray paint any kind of small Christmas tree any color you want, or you can use a branch like Queen Martha has done.

To sign up
Leave a comment either on this post or on the facebook post that features the blog link to this post. (Is that enough uses of "post" for everyone? ha.) OR you can email me directly at makinprojiks@gmail .com, include HALLOWEEN SWAP as your subject.

Please make sure there is an email address in your comment or attached to your profile if you use the comment route.

Don't worry if I don't reply immediately, it takes me a bit to get everyone's email into a group form so I can email everyone at the same time.

Now go get your pumpkin on!


  1. Me me me meeeeeeee!

  2. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! If you like Halloween art check this artist out he has some Halloween, zombie day of the dead stuff posted sometimes.

  3. Count me in. Halloween hugs!

  4. Count me in please Sarah! I am finally getting my groove back ;)

  5. Please include us. We had a blast in your Valentine ornament swap. Let us know if we made it in. Thanks a ton!!!

  6. I would like to do your swap! I've never done one before but theres a first time for everything amiright?


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