Friday, August 01, 2014

Look Mama!

Sammi saw my tomatoes on the counter and said "Look mama! Potato steps."  LOL

Grant has had quite a talk explosion this week too. He was holding a board book with a mirror in the back and he kept saying "Look mama! it's..." and I could not understand what he was saying. By the third time I got it! "Look mama! It's Ginty!"

And then this morning-
"Mama, want hair" (comb my hair)
"Mama, want breakfast"
"Mama, want juice"
"Mama, want knee! want knee!" (his security blanket)
"Mama, get dressed!"
"Mama, want choos!" (his shoes)
"Mama, want watch!" (watch tv - Curious George)

He's a busy boy. LOL

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