Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Parking it

Brain dump time. :)

Sammi and Grant have started holding hands and hugging and comforting each other and generally being two peas in a pod. It's enough to make you want to have a bazillion more children.
Grant, ever curious, stops to inspect everything - here, ants.

I took Jack to the orthodontist yesterday.  He is getting headgear (I know, what? They still do that? Apparently he wears it at night only and only gets brackets on his very back teeth) for the next 6-12 months.  How is he that old?

We tried on clothes yesterday to see what we have for winter and he has NOTHING. One pair of pants fit. Just one! So just he and I went to goodwill yesterday to do a little shopping for him. I am hoping if we pop in once a week for 6 weeks I can scrounge up enough stuff he likes to outfit him for the year. The local consignment sale is just crap for a boy his age and size.

(Jack took this picture recently and I found it on the camera.) I was in Target this weekend picking up a new set of sheets and the woman in Target said "oh, I bought these sheets, but I brought them back because they didn't match my comforter."  I kid you not, I stood there for the full five minutes while they were trying to get their ipad to work thinking "people have sheets that match?!?!" I mean, my brain knows this, of course it does (and probably a lot of you have matching stuff), but I could not process the concept.

In fact, I think *I* probably had matching stuff once, when I was in my first apartment. But then Rachel Ashwell wrote her first book and I was off and running into never matching floral print land! LOL  (And they were shabby chic sheets I was picking up, heh.)

I am sure this means my children will all live in homes where everything is PERFECTLY matched, right? :-)

We are off to vote and to the bank. Our a/c decided to break at 3 am last night. My house is really showing me who's the boss this year. Sigh.


  1. I have hoards of vintage sheets and pillowcases. My absolute favorite "chore" is changing the bedding. When you linens don't match, it's like you have new bedding every single time!


  2. My sheets match but the pillowcases don't. Now I feel free to shake things up here, bedding wise. Your two littles are adorable.

  3. When my kids were in school I saved $20 every month of the year. As soon as summer started we went to garage sales every weekend and bought school clothes. We also did thrift stores if we couldn't find what we needed by the end of summer. It always worked out. This was back in the 80s, so monthly amounts would be different now. My kids, now all in their 30s, still shop thrift stores for clothes or bargain hunt the 50% of sales. I still buy a majority of my clothes from thrift stores!


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