Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vintage fabric coin quilt finish

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Finally finished! I bought a big stack of vintage 1930s/1940s 2 inch by 3 inch fabric pieces at some point last year at the flea market. (I can't seem to find that post.)  Then last fall I decided I wanted to use them in a rainbow-esque quilt so I sorted them all into color piles while watching many hours of the bachelor.

Then I was off and running with a coin quilt.  I REALLY took my time with this making sure all the seam allowances were equal. Then I did the big experiment with solid colored fabrics to find one that fit in with the vintage fabrics perfectly.  And it paid off!  My quilting is improving.

(After washing.)

I happened to find a backing fabric in the perfect shade of vintage green.

This was my first quilt with the 505 spray and the back, while not perfect, is pretty darn good. There are still a few puckers, but mostly because it took Dave and I about three tries to get the hang of the spray basting. (And it only looks lime green inside the house.)

coins - vintage
white sashing - Michael miller cotton couture in soft white
batting - cream rose
backing - Michael Miller cotton couture in Pastille
binding - vintage navy micro dot
finished - lake of the Ozarks, August 24, 2014

I have another quilt I am restoring that I am nearly done with and some flea market finds and some kids on vacation photos I will be back with soon!


  1. Oh Sarah it is gorgous! What a labor of love. Well done.

  2. Absolutely lovely - what a treasure!!

  3. That is amazing. :) Love it!!!

  4. I think that it really turned out great. Quilting is on my bucklist. Not that I really want to wait that long.

  5. gorgeous!!!
    Great job Sarah!

  6. It turned out so pretty! I love looking at these old prints. I'm working on my own quilt with lots of the old scraps I've bought here and there.

  7. That is really, really wonderful! I love how the prints are vintage, but the graphic design makes it feel modern. Stupid question--why is it called a coin quilt? I would have expected round shapes, like a penny rug I guess, from the name.

  8. Wow Sarah -- it's beautiful! I love all those pretty little snippets of vintage fabric. And perfect choices for backing and sashing! Well Done!!!


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