Monday, September 01, 2014

61 miles of epically bad yard sale

***Marci, I still need your email address!****

Dave and I have been doing the 61 mile yard sale for 8 years now. I really wanted to go to a different event in Kansas this year, but there was just no extra money to do it, so back down to southern Missouri we went. Some years these sales are AMAZING and we fill the car with great stuff. Some years we can barely spend $10 and want to die from looking at heaps and heaps of used clothes.

This was a used clothes year.
I bought a bag of these to use at Valentine's day.
Pink enamel. I don't have any pink.
Somehow I didn't have this fisher price toy yet either.
These are wooden cut outs of what I assume is the lone ranger and tonto. Still pondering that cowboy room for Grant.
Some vintage fabric that had been cut into napkins or towels. Still into purple (and it is Sammi's favorite color too).
A dollar's worth of old books to read with the kids.
A dollar's worth of ornaments.
I am not sure that these are that old. The caps look old, and they are feather light, but the glitter seems off. They are SUPER small.
These guys were probably part of a seven dwarves set?  Bound for the woodland tree.

I also bought a junky old wooden sled which I didn't take a picture of. I want one for the Christmas card photos this year and they are kind of pricey around here (I looked FOREVER last year!).

Back tomorrow with the last of the junk.

***Still a few hours to join us in the Halloween swap! I plan on digging out my tree today I think.***


  1. I think you did pretty good for it being a used clothes type of sale! Love that FP bluebird and the pink enamelware cup. I don't have any pink either. Lots of white and red and one jadeite colored bowl. I'm on the hunt for pink now!


  2. That pink "cup" is a potty, so don't be eating soup out of it. 😜


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