Wednesday, September 03, 2014

And then Sam broke her finger

My goodness, I have been in 4 doctor's offices in the last two days with these unruly children and I am TOAST.

Sammi tipped over a chair on Saturday and smashed her finger between the chair and the hardwood. By Monday morning I knew it was broken because the swelling was not budging. Yesterday it was confirmed via x-ray and off we went to the ortho to have it casted. The cast is a bit of overkill - I could have chosen this splint thing - but there is no way I was going to be able to keep that splint on her and when the ortho started saying words like "have to come back", I just said no thanks, get the cast please.

When I took this picture she said "that was a great picture of my cactus mama! what a great doctor who fixed it for me". LOL

The kids have been sick for 12 days, I have been sick for 6 days. I have this horrible hacking cough, which of course with my bladder problems means peeing my stupid pants. I am exhausted and my head is pounding and Grant has an ear infection and the children WILL NOT EVER BE QUIET. And Sammi being without the use of one hand means I am back to dressing her and undressing her and doing everything she normally does for herself for her.

If only I could sleep at night...


I really need this to pass. And soon.


  1. Yikes. Josie had a finger tip to shoulder cast for 6 weeks when she had hand surgery as a toddler. Bathing was interesting to say the least. Best wishes to you ALL!

  2. Someday you will look back at all this chaos that you blog about and wonder how you oh man when it rains it pours. Hope good health and sleep returns to your house soon....

  3. It never seems to end, does it? Ugh. Hope you all get well soon! Glad Sammi is adjusting well to her cactus.


  4. When my twins were babies and my daughter was a toddler and my husband came home from work, I sometimes sat in the car to get some quiet. Sometimes even 10 minutes can make a difference.
    Try it, move the car down the block if you're too close to the house.


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