Tuesday, September 02, 2014

And then there was one epically AMAZING yard sale

Okay, so we got home around 4 on Friday afternoon and I was starting to feel the beginnings of the preschool plague that everyone else had all week hitting me. I was lying in bed browsing craigslist on the ipad when an ad caught my eye. "From farm to town moving sale....fabric (some whole flour sacks)...".  Aw crap! I HAVE to go. I have just spent 9 hours in the car yard saling but there is no way I am going to miss the chance to check out those feedsacks. Except its 55 miles away - another 2 hours in the car there and back!

 I woke up at 5 am and started getting myself ready since the sale started early. I was really disappointed when I noticed the ad said the sale had run on Friday too and started to think there was NO chance the feed sacks were still there, but I was determined.

So off I went for  a loooooooooong drive in the country.  There was the usual "lost on a dirt road in the country" bit and when I arrived there were a lot of LOUD, rowdy, jumpy, muddy dogs that I was sure were going to eat me.  And no one who appeared to be running a yard sale anywhere in sight. Since I had driven more than an hour there was no way I was leaving so I just stood there on this porch waiting and waiting, thinking surely those dogs would wake someone up soon.

Another car pulled up, and another, and another and this point I am thinking argh! competition! It turned out to be the house owner, her girlfriend and a guy wanting to buy a tractor. There was a lot of what I will call "country folk small talk" that was taking forever since I was still DYING to know if the feedsacks were still there. Eventually I just blurted out that I was here to see the fabric. She said it was in the basement and if I would ignore the mess, I could go in the house and look. (Which was not a mess, BTW. I have three little kids *I* have more than a mess or two.) I did briefly think that was the time to kill me out in the middle of nowhere, but I pressed on to the basement.

She points to a few Rubbermaid bins and says "fabric is in those, those flour sacks are over there." Now, mind you, I thought MAYBE there would be 3 or 4 feedsacks and some decent vintage yardage. The yardage was all new junk, but as soon as I got a peek of the top of the box I started digging in and could.not.believe.my.eyes. I quickly asked how much. "Oh, just pick out what you want and we will talk."  Oh no, I NEED THEM ALL. She throws out a price and wanders off to deal with tractor guy. I start counting. I stop counting at 36 and go make a counter offer.

We settle on a price and at that point I am off to find a bank in the middle of nowhere. (These are towns with a population of 200, so I was quite worried there would be no cash to be found.)

Of course you KNOW the whole time I was off finding cash I was freaking out that she would sell them to someone else. There wasn't even anyone else with 10 miles of that sale, but no matter, I was still slightly panicked.

Finding money was actually pretty easy, so I paid and was on my way.

Now, what was in the box? 

56 crispy, lovely, feedsacks. Florals, prints, novelties! Multiples of almost every one.

This train one is new to me.

This was the one on top of the box that set off my good fabric radar.

It's easy to overlook the little lovebirds on this one.

While we were discussing what I do with this fabric she tossed this my way.


I died.

Aside from my $1 crystal chandelier I think this is the BEST yard sale score ever for me.



  1. Wow! Great finds...once in a lifetime! What a thrill!

  2. I bet you smiled all the way home and still are!

  3. Oh wow. Just wow.

    Those purple ones are my favorite and I normally don't even like purple!! Sammi must love them :-)


  4. Sarah!!! I'm so excited for you. Awesome score!

  5. Congratulations! You really did well. Super duper well. Definitely one to go down in the thrifting record books.

  6. Hey Sarah, it seems it was worth the drive plus you got some me time in the car. Double bonus. Great thrift treasure.

  7. WE all need one of these sales every once in awhile and your time has come. Awesome! The fabric is crazy good!

  8. I find these prints really interesting. Having lived on the Virginia coast my entire life might be why I have never seen a feedsack? Maybe one time you could show the entire feedsack for the curious and feedsack-uneducated, please. Wonderful prints.

  9. Awesome Sarah! So excited to see what you do!

  10. You were meant to have them! You hit the jack pot!!

  11. I was so happy to read this! You deserved an amazing sale, and this fabric was meant for you!
    Hope you're feeling a little better.
    Erica :)

  12. Wow Sarah! What an amazing find. You always find the best stuff. I heard about that respiratory stuff going around down there on the news. Hope you guys are getting better!


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