Friday, September 26, 2014

Back from 5th grade camp

Welcome home Jack, mom missed you ever so much my biggest dude!

 Last night we went to school to get Jack off the bus after a week at fifth grade.
 I will confess I was a little nervous. Jack can still be a volatile kid and I didn't know which Jack would get off that bus.
 Turns out he had a great time (as I knew he would, but HE didn't know he would)  and he was as happy as a clam.
 By about Tuesday I started to miss him like crazy.
 There was no one to "talk" to me and not just ask me incessant preschool/toddler questions all the live long day!
 Grant insisted he be allowed to "cheese" with Jack, LOL. 
This morning the littles are fighting over who gets to sit next to him.

Hopefully Sammi will chill out a little. She has been seriously dreadful this week. Just AWFUL. I don't have much hope though, as it is only 9 am and already she is knocking over furniture in a tantrum.


Today is Grant's birthday and I will be back tomorrow with a birthday letter and some photos of the now 2 year old Ginty boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grant!

    Glad you had fun at camp, Jack!

    Sammi? Chill, girl :-)



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