Monday, September 15, 2014


I thrifted all of these a few weeks ago while I was on my weekly "clothe the children entirely from Goodwill" mission. A lucky day!

They have been sitting on the counter for 2 weeks because I couldn't remember where I put the small blow molds at Halloween.


That's right, I couldn't remember where I put that collection.

Last night I remembered in the  bath, so they are put away now.

This morning when I went to collect Ginty from the crib he was saying "Mama! I Ginty! Mama! I Ginty!"  When I looked over at him he was pointing to the letter "G" I had sewn onto that quilt for him.

Insert me with very wide eyes here.

It's getting harder every day to deny that there is a chance that lightening has struck twice. (Why only the boys? Strange.)

We have transmission problems with one of the vans so I am spending today waiting for that big money hammer to fall. I mentioned this on facebook but this year has felt very much like that episode of Roseanne where the electric is shut off and she says "well, Middle class was fun." LOL

Cross your fingers for $500 repair and not a $5000 repair.

Oh my.


  1. Sounds like you have another little Einstein. Yippee for thrifted Halloween. Bring on the orange and black! Fingers crossed that the mechanics bill isn't nearly as horrible as you expect.

  2. Vintage Halloween is not easy to find around here, let alone at a thrift. Lucky for me, Home Goods has a few repro looking things that I can mix in with my decorations.

    Good luck with the van. Yikes, does it ever end?



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