Sunday, September 07, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

I was TOTALLY off my game at the flea  market this morning. We are STILL sick and I was up so much last night because of the nagging cough. (My girlfriend sent me a CNN link that says we have some kind of wicked respiratory virus in Missouri right now that is unprecedented in the number of hospitalizations! Our own ped said he had never seen anything like it himself this week. Sigh.)
 I was half dazed wandering around out there wishing I was just lying in my bed. I wouldn't have gone but today was a twice a year sale, and I didn't want to miss it.
What I didn't buy was a GORGEOUS bed like this that was only $30!  I am surely going to regret that one for the rest of my life (along with a $25 quilt I once left behind). We have beds for everyone and beds for more in the basement, but I honestly think my style is trying to change to more rustic country. This would have been just lovely with a quilt at the foot. Oy. Damn sickness.
What I did buy:
 A flower hook. I looked all over hoping for more, but no luck.
 I think I might already have this tablecloth? The roses are purple. If I do it will go to the shop. (Speaking of that shop, I have been listing new inventory and I am testing free shipping on a few items.)
 The guy I bought these from didn't know what they were.
But I do! They are best coasters EVER made.
 This pic is blurry, sorry. It's a tied, summer weight baby quilt.


 So I was busy crying a bit in my cheerios because the lady in front of me bought a few quilts for the whopping price of $10/each. I somehow hadn't noticed them (very unlikely), I think because I was busy thinking I was about to die. Then I noticed she left one behind and it was a bow tie!

Last week I was fondly a lovely bow tie because I don't think I have one in that pattern yet, but it was $85.
 Machine quilted, but in very lovely condition, and also $10. Ahem.

 I also picked up a brand new, very sparkly, purple Skechers "pack ack" for Sammi.
And a fun rocket costume for the littles that Jack keeps squeezing himself into.

All in all more wins than losses, even if I was about to die. :-)


  1. Curl up under that bow tie quilt and feel better.

  2. Quilts for $10? Unreal. Never to be found in these parts.

    There was an article here about that same respiratory virus hitting CO in unprecedented levels, especially among asthmatic kids. I don't know if that's what we had, but today was the first morning I haven't woken up hacking green stuff out of my lungs. Maren brought it home on August 12 and it went through us all, with me last.

  3. I bought an amazing summer weight quilt at a show yesterday with cowboys on it. There was no way I was leaving it.

    Feel better soon!



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