Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flea market Sunday

I fell in ABSOLUTE love with a quilt I could not afford at the flea market this morning. A serious drag that is.  I have noticed that the local prices on everything are starting to go back up.  Including food, which is crazy high. I went to the grocery store (well, really 4 darn grocery stores) on Friday and chicken tenders were $25! Quinoa at Costco was $18! Oy vey.

I was already feeling the burn of my empty pockets before I had to leave the quilt behind (it was a $10 difference she and I "discussed" for a long time, but she would not budge and my wallet cannot budge right now either).  The empty pocket syndrome means I have been working, working all week - etsy, ebay, craigslist. For a stay at home mom I sure spend a lot of time working right now!

Sammi and I did manage to pick up a few things at a garage sale yesterday. It was the strangest garage sale actually. Two twenty something guys with a 15 month old baby girl and a 2 month old baby girl selling a trailer full of vintage stuff.  They were super cute with their girls and I wished had been there earlier in the morning. (The craigslist ad didn't look that promising, but I suspect I was wrong in that judgment.)

This is a candle holder right  now. I am not sure if its a made in India deal or what, but its interesting and it was cheap enough. I think it wants to be repurposed somehow so I can enjoy the star instead of sitting flat on a surface - but how?
An old bride and groom. These are so hard to find and I was leaving when I spotted them. His head needs a little glue.
I am not gonna lie - I am completely in LOVE with these old gold frame etched mirrors right now. I have no clue where to put this odd size yet.
Hi camera.
They feel very Paris apartment to me.

Some day the children will be a little older and I can change some things up in the house like I am dying to do!

Back to bedtimes and birthday party crafting with me for now...

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  1. I had a really similar experience with a quilt at the flea market yesterday too. I tried to get the guy to go down on his price just a little bit because A) it was in bad need of a washing 2) it needed some obvious repair and C) we were at a FLEA MARKET, not an antique show! He wouldn't budge even 5 dollars. I passed and later walked by and someone else was bartering with him. He threw his hands up and said "you people just expect me to give stuff away!". Oy vey is right....



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