Saturday, September 20, 2014

Grant turns 2, a cookie monster party

What a week this has been. I am SO GLAD it's over. Today we had a cookie monster party for Grant's second birthday. I am not going to lie, I have been in a M O O D all week, and I do not feel like this is my best party effort here. I had one disaster after another with the cookies and the cake and I have been without my car all week so just going and buying it was not an option.

The cookie wreath turned out exactly as planned. This doubled as a bean bag toss for the kids. We just took it down and hung it up outside and let the kids throw bean bags through the hole.

Cookie monster tissue balls (and all the crap on top of my fridge where Grant cannot reach it).

It bugs Jack that there is no mouth. It bugs me too. I didn't even want to put ANY ICING on this thing, but I could not find a pan. So I had to cook it in the skillet. When I had to flip it twice it cracked apart. The eyeballs are an attempt at hiding some of that. I had no way to make black icing for a mouth so he looks like Grover or something. But whatever, the kid is two.
The bean bags I made for the toss.

That hard to see bunting says COOKIE!
We also played pin the cookie on cookie monster.
And we had a cookie decorating station.

Grant's favorite part was sticking all the cookies on cookie monster. He was quite proud of himself when he got them all up there. Not the game as it was intended, but who cares? He loved it! Win.
His face says "Why is everyone singing loudly at me?"
Never mind, the singing's fine if cookies and ice cream are involved.

And balloons too!
He is in L O V E with his noisy presents which included things with lots of buttons and wires! He loves some wires!

So, that's what I have been doing all week. Yesterday while I was burning up the second batch of cookies and ruining the cake, Grant pulled half the letters off my laptop keyboard, so now I am missing some rather important letters.

I work and blog from this lap top, so this is a serious bummer.  Hopefully I will find my way back here a little more often this week. :-)


  1. What a fun birthday party theme. Your decorations were amazing. Birthday blessings to your special little man!

  2. From this angle, everything looks like it turned out great. Awesome job, Sarah!


  3. EVerything looks fantastic! And he's 2! So, even if it didn't.... :)

    great favor idea - simple but perfect.

  4. Wow! You're way too hard on yourself. The party looks fabulous, and I think your creative decorations, games, activities and cake were all perfect for a 2 year old. Well done!

  5. I just want to say that everything looks wonderful! You should see my crappy attempts, because then you might realize what an amazing job you did. Happy 2nd birthday to Grant!


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