Thursday, September 04, 2014

In other kid news

I went to the store TWICE yesterday trying to get medicine that would  make me think I was going to live. On the second attempt I grabbed some Nyquil in desperation. I don't think I have taken that stuff in 12 years. The good news I slept last night (with only half a dose) and my arthritis, which has been in total OVERDRIVE from my immune system gone awry, has settled down. I think we might live today. The bad news is the crap is STILL in my darn ear. It makes everything SO LOUD. Even Grant, who has tubes, said yesterday in Walmart that it was "so loud mama".

It did not help that I cannot seem to make my husband understand that despite having taken every drug known to man my head was hurting SO BAD and the children are JUST SO LOUD and please could I just have a moment of quiet to get my wits about me? I had to pull the car over three times on the way to the orthodontist because Sam would not stop the crying nonsense and I could not even think to drive. Oy.

What else are the kids up to?
Grant has given into the costume mania. Except he will not wear pants with a costume. Ever. This should make Halloween interesting. 

I buy them every interesting costume I see at yard sales that are affordable - they make for easy playtime. Last week's additions were a turtle and an owl.

Jack is getting headgear - how archaic right?  His bands went on yesterday. His teeth are killing him today. He seems to be adjusting okay to fifth grade. We have had a few moments of why on earth won't you just turn this homework IN already? (I think his attention is focused on sorting out a new social group instead.) He goes to fifth grade camp for a week soon and I know he is looking forward to that. A whole week away from us!

Grant has started building train tracks and playing lots of choo choo.  He is also recognizing letters. The other day word world was on and he started yelling "look mama! E! E! E!" I am just going to admit right now that I was first impressed and second scared. I actually thought, oh dear, what if he is actually SMARTER than Jack? I mean that possibility had never crossed my mind. I am getting ready for his SECOND birthday in two weeks. I mean two? Really? Man, time flies. He is FINALLY starting to show a teeny bit of interest in things like dressing himself. (Jack never cared about that stuff either.)

Sammi girl is completely, utterly, totally THREE right now. Refusing to dress, get in the car, get out of the car, clean up anything, eat anything, stop screaming, use the potty or cooperate in ANY WAY. She is obsessed with having "sleep overs" with Jack, aka sleeping in his room, which I allow them to do on the weekends.  This morning when I said the kids were pigs at the counter she said "I am not a pig, he is the pig, I am the sister."  She has also declared this week that she ought to just be allowed to go shirtless like her father. And that Grant should "stop touching my mudder's beautiful hair!"  She is finally picking up some letter recognition steam herself and can identify the entire alphabet. Her counting is still sort of all over the place once she gets past 6 (5,6, 11, 19, 16, 25).

The two of them are still fighting like two pigs in a blanket. Grant has a huge bite mark on his leg (ENOUGH BITING ALREADY SAMANTHA!), Grant is still pulling hair like a mad beast and we are still spending every day working on nice words instead of nasty words like "hate".

When they were weighed and measured at the ped's office on Tuesday Grant was 2'11 and 32 lbs and she was 3'1 and 31 lbs. Heh.

With that I am off to try and clean something. There is pizza ALL OVER that white couch. Such is life when mommy is dying. :-)

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  1. Love the costumes they always make pictures interesting. Hope you feel better.


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