Friday, September 12, 2014

Vintage wizard of Oz quilt, The Yellow Brick Road - Finished on a Friday

Remember when I grabbed this quilt?
 I thought I would sell it because the Wizard of Oz blocks were sweet. It was tied with acrylic yarn and set in some of the toughest green poly/cotton fabric EVER. (What a nightmare to rip apart.)
Here are those blocks now:
I call it The Yellow Brick Road now. When I went to choose fabrics I SWEAR I was looking for reds But not a single red spoke to me. It turned out perfectly though, and the green speaks to the Emerald City.
I have used the Riley Blake Zoo Dwellers Pattern with some modifications (mainly because the Oz blocks measure 7.5 by 7.5 inches).
All of the printed fabrics are DS Quilts fabrics from Joann.

All of the sweet blocks from the original:

The yellow sashing is a yellow I have had in the stash since Jack was little.
The binding was a big debate. In fact, no one on facebook choose this binding (also DS quilts), but I REALLY wanted a touch of red for Dorothy's Ruby Slippers somewhere.
The quilting was the biggest problem this time. I could not decide on a quilting pattern. I thought I was done quilting at least three times but it felt like it just needed more and more and more quilting. So I just kept going until I felt done.
There is even a yellow brick road on the back!
I love this quilt so much.
It's even better than I had dreamed when it called to me from the back of the van.

Also I am becoming a TOTAL quilting junkie. I am again already dreaming of the next one.

What am I going to do with them all?  Oy. :-)


  1. Sarah the fabrics you chose really make that quilt. I wouldn't want to give it up either. It's perfect, just perfect.

  2. You can never have too many quilts!

  3. That quilt is so great! It will make an awesome keepsake for one of your kids someday.

    Are you feeling better, yet?


  4. Amazing transformation. I have some embroidered nursery rhyme blocks that would be perfect for this kind of pattern. (Someday.)

  5. Such a good save. You should be really proud of the new life you gave those sweet Wizard of Oz squares. Really, really awesome!


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