Thursday, October 02, 2014

A pumpkin man army

I really wanted to title this post "sometimes I question my own sanity", but google and pinterest prefer proper titles.
 My craft for the swap are pumpkin men. An entire army of pumpkin men. This photo is only HALF the army of these things I made. Whew. While I was making them Sammi said,  "mommy, you are making orange snowmen!" just before she realized they were pumpkin men. :-)

 Here is the Jennifer Murphy video on Martha which will tell you how to make your own.

 Just in case you are also insane.
 Mine are slightly different because (and this should be no surprise to any crafter who has ever attempted a Martha Stewart craft) of the impossibility of finding some of the supplies.
 Also, should you ever need to pull pipe cleaners through excelsior stuffing (never use excelsior stuffing, just trust me), you need a HUGE UPHOLSTERY needle, not a doll needle like the video says. A 10 inch needle to be exact.
 They are super cute and I am quite charmed by them. Only one has a flag because I cannot make the flags consistently stand up. And let's be honest - I am over these things after spending about 40 hours making them.
 I put a ribbon on top of mine so he can hang on the tree.
And that, my friends, is how I made myself crazy last week. :-)
This week I plan to make myself crazy starting a quilt for craft hope. :-)

Off to watch a princess movie with me!


  1. Funny how they never work out quite like the instructions say. Hence my ditching the first batch for my second set of ornaments. Yours are great. I can't wait to get one. Sheryl

  2. They are adorable and I can't wait to adorn my orange feather tree with one of those pumpkins!

  3. Adorable! Totally kicking myself for not joining the swap this year. Good work, madame.

  4. Oh, they are so darling! Totally worth all the work.


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