Monday, October 06, 2014

Boo! The front door this year, Halloween edition

To be honest, I cannot remember what I put on the front door last year. I want to do that monster face thing but I don't just happen to have the supplies to make that happen (and never remember to buy any, ahem).

So when the swap boxes arrived and this lovely BOO! plate was in one from Beth as a gift, I knew just what to do! 

Right now the plate is hanging with a command adhesive. I tried gluing a magnet, but it popped right off. I think I need Dave to engineer a better solution for it.
The bats are $7 at Target. They are called wall decals I think, but they are actually a flexible plastic so they will stand up to weather.
They come with a foam adhesive pad on them, so I just stuck a sticky business card magnet piece to the sticky foam pad and they stick right to the front door.

It took all of 10 minutes and since this year I seem to be all about the "not wreath" wreath, I quite like it!


  1. I like your front door and it is just a visual as a wreath. Good idea using the magnet instead of gluing them to your door. This way they can be used again and again without damaging them.

  2. Love this. your door color, too! how did your jammies sell?

    F U N ;)


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