Sunday, October 05, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

Brrrrr, the bottom fell totally out of the temps here the past two days and it was one CHILLY flea market this morning!

A yard of a pretty print.
A piece of trench art. (I could swear this is my third one, but I only have one other kicking around the house, so maybe it's only my second.)
A super cute toy Necchi sewing machine.
This was the week of things with notes for me.

This note is sort of incoherent (or maybe I am not sure what order she is writing in?) but I think it says she wore this dress for her concert debut and to play piano in a wedding. Notes are notoriously unreliable...but I still think they are fun.
It was attached to this GORGEOUS yellow dress.
I have the slip that goes under it too, but it didn't want to stay on that hanger. My photos really do not do any justice to this lovely.
I also bought this mirror, mostly because of this:
Note on the back. It is also hard to read but it says something like it was gift to someone who was going to away to college. They hung it up near the table and it reflected a bird (which I think made the cat go crazy) and the cat scratched up the mirror.
And that's my interesting junk for the week.
Off to put some things in the shop and on Ebay. Sunday is already evaporating and I REALLY need to get started on my charity quilt!


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