Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ginty goes to preschool

I took Grant to his first day of Mother's Day out this morning.
For three whole hours I was without ANY children.
This has not happened on a regular basis since before Samantha was born.
 I felt weird.

About 65 lbs too light.
He got out of the car in the carpool line with no fuss.

Sammi was disappointed when she discovered they are in different classrooms.

I wandered around a thrift store for a bit, ran into the mall to buy Grant a shirt for portraits tomorrow and then picked them up.

When I arrived I could hear Grant carrying on from a mile away.

The teacher said he was mad he had to put on his backpack. Maybe he was mad he had to leave. Maybe next week will be horrible. (In my experience week two is AWFUL.)

Either way I am hoping it restores some sanity to my life. My head is so busy all the time. My calendar full, my feet always hopping. I am finding the lack of THINKING space difficult right now. I think because it means there is no DREAMING space.

This morning I started thinking about the most bizarre things - like perms. Does anyone get perms anymore? I remember my mother pulling  my hair so tight in those plastic curlers and then sitting there with that stinky stuff that burned your eyes forever. Which led me to think of my gran - she always had a perm, right up until she died. Which led to thinking she would have looked better as a brunette instead of the blonde she always was, since she had lovely olive skin. And on and on.

It was good, that time to think.

Anyway, that's the view from here.

We are closing in on the swap deadline - get those mailed now if you haven't! I will start showing you what we have been up to very soon. :-)

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  1. Awe Ginty in preschool it seems like he is growing up so fast. My grandma, aunts and mother would always get perms...My mothers last perm was approximately 2 yrs ago. We finally talked her into a new style and it was getting harder and harder for her to find them...though my aunt still manages to get her hair permed still. Can't wait to see all the Swap goodies!


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