Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween ornaments with the kids

I have a lot of ideas for Halloween crafts I want to get done with the kids this year, but this 7 days straight of rain has seriously bummed out. The sun is FINALLY shining again this morning, so we are headed outside to sit in it for as long as I can possibly force the children to do so.

 I did manage to get one thing made - foam spider webs made with a kit that was at Target last year, picked up at Goodwill this year.
 One from Grant.
 Very nice ones from Jack.
And two from Sammi.

For the littles I cut the yarn up - tying it around these things was challenging, no way kids age 4 could do it, at least not in my house!

It's almost time to start the Great Pumpkin series around here, a Halloween post every day starts Saturday!

Now I am off to dress the kids and GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!

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  1. Enjoy that sunshine. It's been raining and gloom here in WI too.


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