Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween swap 2014 round 1

If you want to be surprised, look away!  I REALLY hope those boxes will arrive tomorrow.  The USPS website had some drama which delayed me quite a bit. And I will not lie - after many hours of trying to print postage and manage the kids there may have been a hysterical tear or two. Ooof.

Jack only has school two days this week, and his birthday is this weekend, so I am doubtful I am going to get back to the blog after Tuesday this week.  I had better show our awesome swap goodies now I think.

If I am missing a link to your blog/etsy shop let me know and I will come back and edit it in for you.

Megan made little paper pumpkins. I love these! I made big ones of these many years ago.  (Man, I am REALLY hoping they are surviving the shipping.)
Jane made awesome clay skulls. Day of the dead I think?
Whoo loves owls? We do! Sheryl made these felt cuties.
Coleen made us felt pumpkins.
Beth, these are so clever!
One of our newest swappers happens to live very close to me, it's a small world! Her bats are so much fun.

Back tomorrow with the rest of the awesome and a BIG thank you to everyone for your hard work making our swap another roaring success.


  1. Everything is awesome! Can't wait to fill my tree with so many talented creations!

  2. I think my favorite is the felt pumpkin. Adorable. Makes me almost want to decorate more for Halloween than I do. That's how adorable!


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