Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Swap 2014 Round 2

Oh dear, while I was collecting links for this post, Grant and Sammi decided to throw cereal bowls across the kitchen. It just never ends with those two. It's been raining for a bazillion days and we SERIOUSLY need to get OUTSIDE.

On with the show, the last of the Halloween swap goodies this year:

 Awesome haunted cottages from Marci at Parsley Vintage
 Mixed media metal ornaments from Michelle and Ashley at The tattered quilt cottage. (I am dying to know what the base for these is from?)
I had to show you the back of these cards from Beth, I am fascinated by these.
I had to look at her for a good ten minutes before I felt like I had seen all her little details! Her hair is especially enchanting.
Cute peg people from Gail at Crafty Little Beana. (I dug through them all to find this one, I like it's scaredy cat face!)
Kim's tag from  Musings from Kim K are just as interesting and hanging on my tree along with:
Kim's ornament - her darling spun cotton witches! They are all different and I had fun choosing one.
 Creepy aunts from Michaele at Twigs and Tulle (her face cracks me up, so sour!)
and Robin made glass spiders from glass ornaments. These were also all different and the fun is definitely in the choosing!

Thank you again to everyone for participating. I hope your boxes are arriving safely (Oh, how I sweat the packing and bubble wrapping!) and that you are enjoying them!


  1. Bravo everyone! Such a fun assortment of creative ornaments!

  2. Squealing with kid-like excitement!!!!
    I got mine today. I LOVE each and EVERYONE of them!!!!! ;)
    Thank-you Sarah for hosting.
    Thank-you to all the participants!!!!!!
    Beth Boothe

  3. We received our box today. LOVE them all! Thank you all!!!

  4. I opened mine today and they were all fantastic! Seriously talented ladies out there! I had so much fun and definitely want to do it again!


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