Sunday, October 26, 2014

On the seventh day of Halloween

First, I need to answer some questions I cannot seem to get around to!

*Yes, Sammi is quite blonde now. Weird since she was born with BLACK, BLACK hair.
*505 is a quilt basting spray, and yes the pencil quilt is the same on both sides. I plan to show you that as soon as Halloween is over. It's awesome! (And done.)
*I am thinking of having a "giving November" here on the blog but I haven't quite fleshed out the idea yet.
*The kids don't really get into the Halloween tree. Actually, they are doing pretty good staying out of stuff right now. It's pretty high up though - on top of a table and then that old bucket made it another foot or so higher.
*I want to run an Etsy coupon this week. Use the code BOO14 to get 10% orders of $5 or more through Nov 1. I have FINALLY gotten around to listing a huge lot of table linens I bought this summer.

On the seventh day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
Exceptionally warm weather. Hot even.

Flea Market Sunday!
A small glittery bat bucket. I think these are Bethany Lowe? I have other bigger ones in other styles.
A very sweet vintage necklace for Sam.
A not so old (1983) can. Useful things.
A vintage purple quilt for my purple loving girl.

Very sweet! And I think I used that purple floral in my own purple quilt. :-)

Finally some color in our trees!

I am off to deal with Grant, who is having a SERIOUS SERIOUS case of the terrible twos this week.  Happy Sunday to you!

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  1. That Halloween bucket is awesome. I have a very similar one and saw tons like it at an antique show this weekend.

    Love Sammi's new necklace. I'd have to borrow it from her :-)



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