Wednesday, October 29, 2014

On the third day of Halloween

Skipping myself ahead a few days since obviously I am never going to catch up!

On the third day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:

My Halloween costume collection-

(This one is messy this year, little fingers!)

And my Halloween blow mold collection (well, part of it, I did not want to get it all out. )

Tonight it's pumpkin carving time!

(I am just going to admit right now that yesterday I was ready to be done with Halloween. I do not have my Halloween spirit this year.)


  1. I loved loved seeing your collections!! Great memories from time past! Thank you!

  2. Love all the costumes. I am sorta ready to be done with Halloween too...I need to get the decorations out of my living room and move in Christmas inventory!!!

  3. Love that impressive costume collection. I am ready to take down all my Halloween too, but my family wants me to wait until Saturday. I only agreed because I'm on crutches haha!

  4. Love the costume collection. As much Halloween as we have, I only have one vintage costume. I've had fun looking over all your blowmolds and how you have them tucked in with your dollhouses. Lovely!


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