Monday, October 20, 2014

On the thirteenth day of Halloween

(If you are new here - I do a great pumpkin count down to Halloween every year. I will post every day from now till Halloween, hopefully Halloween related stuff, but we shall see what the days bring!)
On the thirteenth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin gave to me:
One not too shabby flea market!
 Three old Halloween die cuts;

 One sweet 1948 fabric book...
 that SCREAMS make me into a quilt like you did with the wizard of Oz (and please use DS quilts fabric too);

 Three old felt stockings;
 One glass bead putz house;
 One pile of 1930 Dresden plate blocks;
 One pile of vintage pumpkin picks (hello next year's swap??)...
 with Jack O' Lantern faces;
 The only three ornaments that survived a horrible crash not 15 minutes after I bought nine of them...sniff...sniff;
 A pair of matching tablecloths;
And one creeper cookie cake.

Thank you Great Pumpkin! Now maybe you could bring an hour or so to make some costumes?



  1. Good scores at the flea this week! Digging the Halloween die cuts and the stockings. Happy Birthday to Jack!!

  2. That fabric book with look great as a quilt. Happy Birthday Jack.

  3. Your flea treated you pretty dang good this weekend! Looks like all the same stuff I would have bought.


  4. Just look at all those wonderful goodies! You did very well this week with all your treasures!


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