Thursday, October 09, 2014

Patchin' it

We took the kids to the first pumpkin patch of the season last weekend. Its my favorite one for getting their seasonal photos. However, its not really cheap to get in, so I try REALLY REALLY hard to get a canvas worthy shot while we are there.
Before we went I told myself (and them) we were going to take our pictures and we were all going to smile. I try really hard to be zen about this. I do. But man, after 20 minutes of crouching in the straw trying to get three uncooperative kids to look at me all at once? OH BOY.
 These first two aren't bad.
 I love cheesy Sam here.
 Grant simply will not look at me in public. He is way, way too busy watching everyone else.

 I actually don't hate this one, but then that lady's butt got in on it! (And cropping brings Grant to close to the edge of the canvas.)

 I don't really think there is a winner in the bunch. :(

The good news is its almost Friday and there is another weekend in front of me to go torture us, err have fun, in another patch.
(DUDE. Jack is all super long arms and legs right now, no?)

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  1. I think they look great, they are natural and looks like the kids are having fun, thats all that matters!


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