Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin patch take 2. And 3.

Those of you who have been hanging around this old blog for a long time will remember I used to call it "The Misadventures of Mama & Jack".  Around the time I was published in  a book I started thinking about more kids and it just seemed like a good time to choose a different name. However, we are still completely filled with misadventures over here.
My pumpkin picture quest still goes back to the last trip. Martha very helpfully (and skillfully!) photoshopped that woman's rear end out of the best photo of the kids. For some reason, either in the processing or the emailing, the photo is getting compressed and is too small to print**. I have not had a chance to sort out how this happens yet and since Dave had the day off I thought we would try again.
Sammi REALLY wants to see pumpkins IN THE FIELD, like the Great Pumpkin, you know. Every year we head up north and go to this very small farm in Illinois with my dad. We are free to choose a million pumpkins, from a field, and it's cheap and FUN!
This year some nasty folks stole ALL THE PUMPKINS from those nice people, so we cannot go there.  This has left us 1) without pumpkins and 2) without a pumpkin field.
Our local farmer stopped doing pumpkins as he felt he was getting too old to handle the craziness anymore.  The patch we went to last weekend is not really a farm.
This morning we went out in the country to a "farm", only to discover that they only allow you in the pumpkin field on Saturdays!
I know right?  Oy.
So we tried to get a few decent photos before heading off to the one place I KNOW has pumpkins in a field.

 Not great photos, but workable I suppose.
 My kids are just not really cooperative right now.
 Not even Jack.

 So we get to the third farm and there are GREAT PUMPKINS! Okay, one problem solved.

Not a single photo of all three kids was managed at this place.

But worse! We were out in the damn field and Grant, who is sometimes just totally oblivious, steps RIGHT in the middle of a HUGE 100 lb, totally rotten, stinking of death, pumpkin. And then slips in the mess and falls right in. This smeared stinking ROTTEN pumpkin guts ALL over both him and I. Let me tell you - I was laughing, because it was funny, but also? Trying not to throw up. Because no joke people, this STUNK to high heaven.

I am completely over this pumpkin patch crap.

Done diddee, done, done, done. Frankly I think we should move right on to Christmas or something. At least that smells like nice pine, right? LOLOL

P.S. I haven't even STARTED making the cotton picking costumes yet.

** If anyone knows why the picture is getting compressed, that would be most helpful!


  1. I just sent another picture -- pdf (Acrobat) instead of jpg. Hopefully it will come through without getting compressed.

  2. If you ever want to take a little roadtrip (probably about 5 hours from you) to the GREATEST PUMPKIN PATCH ON EARTH, head to Gretna, Nebraska to Valas pumpkin patch. We head up there every year. It is fabulous! Absolutely huge, with about 50 different things to do, tons of different places to eat, huge pumpkin patch,you have to see it to believe it, Your kids would LOVE it!

  3. I tried to comment earlier but I haven't seen it so here's a suggestion: why don't you take the best pic of each child, crop it if needed, and turn it into a collage? I used to do it on Picasa occasionally. I think it would be super cute!


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