Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Sharpening my pencils

The little kids go to a private school that is PDO- grade 8. As part of your children attending school there you have to do "service hours" every year.  There is always a form at open house they call "time and talents" to fill out.  I will confess I have never once put that I can sew on that form.


Self doubt I suppose. I mean, yes, I sew. But do I sew well enough for other people?


A few weeks ago a new Craft Hope project was started for We are Rwanda and she asked for 25 quilts. I told Dave I wanted to do it, but I was waffling, because really? Am I going to give away a quilt? I don't think my quilts are anything special.

Then I remembered that time and talents survey and decided I was being totally crazy.  What I CAN do and what I LIKE to do is sew!

So not only did I tell the school I can sew for them, I signed up to make a quilt for Rwanda.

Today while all the kids are at school for a few hours I have been working on finishing the top.  I am sure you have seen that pencil quilt on pinterest by now. I settled on that for the donation quilt. Turns out that quilt on pinterest is a mini quilt and in my mind the quilt has HUGE pencils.

There has been much frustration in drafting a pattern for the pencil points. Dave finally sorted it out for me.
And I have spent the morning reminding myself that this needn't be ABSOLUTELY perfect. And it isn't. 

I need to fix a few spots on the top while I wait for more 505 to arrive from Amazon.

In the meantime I am going to remind myself that it's in the giving of my time, not in the perfection of the "talent".

Happy Wednesday all around!


  1. I think it's great. You are probably more critical because it's your handiwork. Being a nonquilter so far what does 505 mean?

  2. I should also ask this. Is there pencil points on the other end of the quilt too?

  3. I think it is awesome! No such thing as a perfect quilt! ;-)

  4. Looks great to me! I thought I'd seen every quilt on pinterest, but I've missed the pencils. I want to see the whole thing! My quilting has had to take a break the last couple weeks while I work on a Halloween costume. I never thought I'd still be making my 22 year daughter costumes, but I am glad she asks. :)

    Go Cards!


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