Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flea Market Sunday and the first snow (!)

 Its been snowing here this week already. It snowed Thursday while we were going to KC, it snowed about an inch last night and it's snowing again today. It's not sticking very well (I think the temp must be hovering close to 32), but still, snow! already.  In St Louis this is really, really unusual. We don't start getting snow really until January. It is also making me sick of the "autumn" decorations already and Thanksgiving is so darn far away still!

On to the flea market. I tried SO HARD to buy something other than Christmas. I am sworn off Christmas unless it's really unusual. In fact, I just cleaned out my Christmas bins and emptied two bins with stuff for the shop because I just have too much.  But despite walking around the flea market at least 3 times there was really nothing to buy BUT Christmas! So I did what any rational junk girl will do - I bought Christmas.
 Well, first I bought this huge piece of heavy vintage cotton duck fabric. It matches my rocker so well! I think in the spring we need new porch cushions, eh?
 And then I gave into the Christmas. A paper mache Santa. (He is unusual, so I would have bought him anyway.)
 More glass garland.
 Very tiny glitter birds. Still on a mission to have a tree with nothing but these birds.
 Pine cone critters. Let's be honest - I would have bought these anyway too.
 And then I gave in to the siren call of ornaments. A slippery slope that is.
 This year I am crushing on these decorated indents.
 But really Sarah, another 3+ dozen ornaments?? LOL
 These are unusual too. I have been trying to talk the guy down on the price of these for more than a year. I just gave in and bought three. He still has 5 more. I will probably give in and buy more.
 This is an awkward photo, but I did not want to employ wet children to hold them. When I first saw these cones I thought immediately of German school cones, or Schultüte.

 I have never seen them for Christmas before. They are marked made in Western Germany, but I don't think they are terribly old. 1980's maybe?  All the Christmas dealers commented on them when they saw me carrying them around, so I was glad I bought them despite my waffling. (I really didn't want to buy something so big that I am not quite sure what I am going to do with it!)
 I need to figure out a way to hang them up somewhere.
I need to go try and take photos of Christmas stuff for the shop. The kids are INSANE today so that should be F U N!

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. I too am on a self imposed no more vintage Christmas buying rule. But I agree. What the heck are you supposed to do when the market is saturated with it? Not buy?! I made the rule. I can break it!

    Love those mica birds. I found the cutest set last year. A pink one with a veil and a blue one with a top hat! Bride and groom evidently.


  2. oh man, I wish i'd stumble on a handful of those vintage ornaments! i like them on the garland over my fireplace, but i only had a few and a couple got broken. :( lucky!


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