Sunday, November 02, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Oh boy, it is still FREEZING here! I went to the flea this morning anyway because I have a lead on something and I have to be persistent to get the dealer to remember to bring it for me. Turns out he wasn't there this morning, so it was a cold trip for not a lot of reward.

This is a pillow cover and I actually thrifted it earlier this week.
My love for it goes without saying, right?
This morning a dealer gave me these for free after she dropped them and broke two of the bulbs. They are repros. I didn't know they made repros of these!
They aren't nearly as sturdy as the old ones and the painting is a bit odd, but they are fun. I need to figure out what to put in the two  empty spots now.
I bought a big $5 box of janky Christmas stuff and fished these out.
And these too. I love the really  long pikes on he bells (which ring!).

I have all but the Halloween porch undecorated so I am off to finish that.

Back tomorrow with my finished quilt for Kenya.

Happy Sunday!


  1. That pillow cover makes my heart go pitter pat! That is just so, so charming.

  2. You could put some older bulbs in just to fill it out.


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