Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glittered feathers for the autumn tree

Well, these are the worst photos ever, but I am done with the autumn tree. And just in time, since it's time to start gearing up to get some of the Christmas "business" taken care of before December gets here.  Thanksgiving is so late this year!

A whopping cold front rolled through last night. Today is gray, windy and in the low 30s after a beautifully warm and sunny 70 degree day yesterday.

Yesterday I stopped to snag a white pumpkin off the top of the neighbors trash can (I hope to have our own pumpkin patch next year and those pumpkins had not been carved or rotted or anything!). While I was doing so Sammi saw the HUGE one sitting there and said "the great pumpkin does  not go in the trash! It goes in the garden!"  We ended up taking all of their pumpkins. Pumpkins are great garden "volunteers". You just throw them in there, let the squirrels have a winter's worth of meals and next summer you have squash vines everywhere!

So that's how we spent our last warm day for awhile - playing outside and stealing pumpkins!

They are calling for snow this weekend already, which is unheard of in St Louis really.

Anyway. Back to the tree. The last thing I hung up are some glittered feathers.

Blurry "it's too windy out here to take photos of feathers" photo.
And an equally bad shot of the finished tree.
Pine cones, vintage fabric leaves, acorn dolls, and feathers.
It could use more, but I am over it. :-)

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  1. Blurry and bad photos or not, that tree is awesome!

    I've been decorating for Christmas since last weekend. It freaks me out that Thanksgiving is so late this year!



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