Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween, to keep

 (blurry morning after faces)
We did it! We made  it!

At first Grant was hesitant about leaving the house, but my mom told him he was going to go chase the squirrels and he was off! He did not want to ride in the wagon because no one else was riding in the wagon, and despite the cold once he got the idea about what we were doing he was off and running.

Sammi, always my brave one, was not at all afraid to run door to door without Jack at her side.

And Jackson, for the first time ever, did in our neighborhood. We finished after we dropped the little kids back at home to get warm.

We did give up halfway through and start driving them from house to house. A lot of houses did not have a light on this year, and our houses are really quite far apart, so it was taking forever in the 20+ degree wind.

I bought 60 cans of play doh and 100 treats and we didn't even get rid of 25. A REALLY slow year for us. I guess the kids are going to be getting a lot of rice krispy treats this month! LOL  They are not at all disappointed to find lots of new cans of play doh left for them and have cracked them open already this morning.

With that we are ready to start dreaming of snow flakes and shiny ornaments and visits with Santa.  And I am ready to start crafting some autumnal things to tide us over until I am ready for the chaos of Christmas.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Halloween swap and welcome November!

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