Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Vintage fabric and wool felt leaves for an autumn tree

Speaking of that yippy doe doe, look who came to visit yesterday, sitting not even 2 feet away from us for a good twenty minutes.  That thing was scratching like crazy, they must be loaded with fleas.

Ignore my dirty screens. This time of year they are covered in some tiny bugs that actually fit through the screens and fill the window wells too. Yuck.

This is the second year I have done some autumn type decorating between Halloween and Christmas. We have a tree but nothing on it, so I decided to make some leaves with some vintage fabric scraps and wool felt plus a fusible interfacing.
I started blanket stitching them and then decided that if I used coordinating thread (on the floral one here, done with green) you can't even see it. If I use contrasting thread it takes away too much from the fabric. So I only blanket stitched two of them. 

Too much time for too little result on that part!


The orange felt on the back of the green one was not a good choice, it totally muddied the white of the print.
I should have taken a picture of the back, they are just as lovely from that side!
Yesterday Sammi and I hung them up on our foyer tree.
The tree still looks really empty, good thing I have a few more ideas!
I was up at 2 am rocking Grant back to sleep last night. My mind was wandering (as minds tend to do at 2 am) about how little he still is and yet how big he is.  We were sitting there, just him and I, having a full on conversation over a bottle at 2 am.  The time passes quickly, really it does, and every day I am aware as I am holding two little hands that Jack is well beyond the hand holding stage already. So instead of being annoyed, I sit there trying to squeeze us both in the rocking chair we used to nurse in (he is SUCH A BIG BOY! I can barely hold him sideways on my lap in that chair anymore, might be time to thrift a more reasonable chair) and wonder how much longer the little two will still be holding my hands.
As I am getting very, very close to 40 it's an odd place to be if I am being honest. I spent so many years having a baby, or trying to have a baby, or being pregnant, or nursing, or in the middle of infertility and thinking I would NEVER have another baby, that being back at thinking I am DONE having babies is weird. Like I am AMAZED that I managed to have two more kids and I am totally happy (and busy!) with my three little ducklings but somehow wistful that the end of that is coming for me.
And I wonder if ANYONE ever feels 100% totally okay with that?
I suppose not really.
I think it must be the female version of the "end of fertility" crisis.
Anyway, I need to get my littles back outside before the sun sets (darn daylight savings!) but that's what's on my mind these November days...


  1. I love the fall leaves you created. I know how it feels to miss those moments when I was so much a part of their world because suddenly (it seems) they don't need me any more. They have grown up and are pursuing their own lives.

  2. Maddie is 12 and she still will take my hand if I reach for hers. Alex is 18 and always hugs and kisses me when we see each other and when he is leaving. The affection we had when they were little is still there, just in a different form.


  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I will be 69 in a few weeks and still find myself looking at pregnant young women and feeling nostalgic. That was one of the happiest times of my life and I guess that is why God gives us grandbabies so we can still feel a part of things. Like they say life is a big circle. I love your blog and thanks for sharing.


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