Friday, November 07, 2014

We are never breaking up Goodwill

Dear Goodwill,

Sure, there are sometimes MONTHS when I don't buy anything other than clothes in your store. And sure, I have to look through a LOT of junk in those months.

But sometimes you throw a real gem in my cart!
Like this lovely blanket. It's a double long blanket, from the days before sleeping bags, in the most delicious coral color. It is so soft and cozy and just screams autumn and I am sitting under it every evening watching the Waltons and hot gluing.
And this beauty. I am positively in hard core LOVE with these gold mirrors right now. Oh yes, you priced this one rather high considering the top is sadly broken, but I gave you my $20 happily and trotted the 100 lb thing home to join the other 400 mirrors I already own.  They just scream Paris apartment to me.

Speaking of Paris apartments, maybe I could go to one of those for a few days?  The children keep making SO MANY MESSES and I need to work on a Christmas card photo on Sunday. It's supposed to be in the 60s that day and my children will still cry about the cold or the sun or being forced to cooperate or comb their hair or any number of other things they will come up with. I am running out of time since there is talk of snow (!!) already next week.

Thank goodness it's Friday! We might get to see each other again this weekend.

All my love and adoration,

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  1. That mirror is amazing. I am obsessed right now with the vintage etched mirrors. Evidently everyone else around here is too because I can't find any!



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