Saturday, November 08, 2014

Wooden acorn dolls for the autumn tree

I am still plugging away at decorations for our autumnal tree.  I have had this acorn doll pinned for years.  I happened to have a big bag of wood acorns I bought for the kids to play with, so I used those to make a few acorn dolls for the tree.
 My camera settings are weird right now because I am prepping to take Christmas card photos tomorrow (it's supposed to be 62 degrees before the polar vortex swoops down this week, so I am in a big rush!).

 I made 5 of them.  Wood acorns + wood candle cups for the body (it was all I had and for some reason Michaels no longer sells craft supplies*) + wool felt + pipe cleaners + buttons + paint + hot glue.

 If you do these, make sure you have a paint PEN for the mouths! I had to sand mine off and start again.  I still would like the eyes slightly darker, but I am over futzing with these things. :-)
Sammi had to do that disguise a turkey thing for school, so she made her turkey (with Daddy's help) into rainbow dash - her favorite My Little Pony.

*At some point last year they moved everything in our Michaels into new spots. Except when they did so they got rid of at least 60% of the actual craft supplies. Our Michaels now has - 5 aisles of made in China holiday decorations (Christmas right now), 5 aisles of fake flowers and floral arranging stuff, 5 aisles of Made in China toys for kids, 5 aisles of jewelry making stuff, 3 aisles of picture frames, 1 aisle of cake making stuff, one aisle of yarn, one aisle of paint, and like 1 aisle of paper with a few random rounders of current holiday making stuff. They no longer sell things like wooden forms to paint or scissors or basically any other item I would go into a CRAFT store to buy to CRAFT with.  I wander around in there for about 20 minutes, cursing the whole time, then I leave and buy it at all at Joanns or on the internet. I cannot figure out what they did or why. Also the line is taking 30 minutes with one woman with a cart FULL of that China holiday stuff and flowers.


  1. Okay I swear I just typed a comment and it got eaten when I hit Publish. It did that on Shara's blog this morning too...

    Anyway, what I said was that they moved around my Michael's a while back and I am still mad about it! I used to be able to navigate that store blindfolded and now I can't find a darn thing.

    Those acorn dolls are so, so charming! I just love them.

  2. Our Michael's is exactly the same! I always end up going to Joann's and wondering why I didn't go there in the first place. Michael's always has a massive line with one checker. I swear my blood pressure goes up every time I go there!

    Those acorn people are AMAZING! Love their little capes.

    Good luck with the photo shoot today~



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