Thursday, January 08, 2015

A year of thread and a new project

 At some point last year I decided to keep track of how much thread I used in a year.  It wasn't January, so this isn't all of it, and this doesn't count the thread that was used for binding (or I think the pink thread I quilted one of the quilts with), BUT! it's a pretty good estimate of how much I sewed last year. 6500 meters or a little over 4 miles.

I have big plans for this year.  Surely bigger than I can bite off and chew, but still, big plans. Lots of projects in mind, in planning stages, and in my dreams.

Of course winter is my best chance at sewing (I read a lot during the warm months while the kids are outside), and this year is not looking good so far. However, I am still hopeful!

I realized (with horror) the other day that I had not sewed a single stitch during the winter break.  So I have spent some time this week making progress on my current quilt - a sawtooth star.

I sewed all three hours while the kids were in preschool and listened to the Serial podcast. (Oh yes, hooked. And wondering what else I can listen to while I sew? I don't have a way to listen to the tv in there and I think I sort of like "the company".)

P.S. A swap email went out yesterday, in case you missed it!

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