Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yes please, yes please, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Apologies for the gray photos in advance, it's the grayest winter ever apparently. (With no snow. Ever.)

Yesterday I had my first three hours without ANY CHILDREN in at least two weeks. I had to choose - thrift or sew?  I have a ton of projects I am working on right now, and I haven't even STARTED the crafting for Sammi's first friend birthday party next weekend. (And oh yea, Dave is out of town next week. That should go well.)

I choose thrift. Instagram is making me itchy to thrift.

When I saw the strawberry tablecloth I threw it right in my cart. Yes please! I already have this one in a different size (and I couldn't get the rust out because I am out of rust remover) but a girl can never have too many strawberries.
And then I saw this one. Yes please! Throw it in the cart and marvel over it's awesomeness.
Dutch girls...
Dutch boys...
Tulips and windmills!

Wander around some more and then I spot the holy grail:
Shut.the.front.door. Are you kidding me? GET IN MY CART!

This is the crème de la crème of my tablecloth collection at this point.
Elves on ducks (What?)...
Elves with toys...
Elves on reindeer...
And Jack in the box Santas! 

I topped off that thrift run with some $2 flowers from Trader Joe's and $1 boxes of delicious raspberries and called it a wonderful day.


  1. So glad you had some time for yourself. You deserve it. How about we arm wrestle for the strawberry cloth?

  2. Well shoot, I'd have said that $1 raspberries alone make for a pretty good day, but add in $2 flowers and 3 amazing vintage tablecloths? That's a day for the books!

  3. You must have a magical thrift to find those kind of tablecloths...those are awesome. Love that last one. Glad you got SOME WELL DESERVED time to yourself.

  4. You totally deserved to find all these amazing tablecloths. The only disadvantage being that it would make me itchy to thrift every single day! Who the heck has time for that?!



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