Monday, February 23, 2015

Flea Market Mondays and a VERY sick Samantha

Before I say a single word about anything else - our Sammi is really quite sick. She started vomiting at 2 am on Friday, threw up every 15 minutes for a very long time, became lethargic and unresponsive, after 36 hours had to be rushed to the ER, was sent back home and here we are 18 hours later with a child who is still not better at all. She is unable to do anything but sleep, she is having a ridiculous amount of diarrhea (which she is wearing a diaper and does not even notice she is pooping, it does not wake her at all), and honestly I am starting to SERIOUSLY freak out a bit. She is not behaving like any sick child I have ever had. She has lost 20% of her body weight in three days (which is a lot since she is a 15th percentile child). Right now we are trying to get our actual ped on the phone instead of all these nurses and strangers in ERs.  So, if you are the praying sort...

To try and keep myself busy I cleaned off a pile of stuff I had been meaning to show you that was on the counter.

I don't often keep embroidered linens, but I could not resist the charm of this kitten.
Cheep, an Easter chick.
I love his pink beak and his little cotton cord comb.
These are REALLY small party horns with feathers.
Some old nativity type animals. We will be the only nativity in town with a German pig I bet.

Hello, childhood calling?
A lovely mirror.
I was really charmed by these paper Easter baskets, which happened to come with...

All of these Easter baskets too (and paper grass!).  I hadn't really set out to collect old Easter baskets, but...

the pipe cleaner chick on this one said take me home and worry about it later.
And an amazing quilt top.

I actually have some small pieces of that novelty pink in my fabric collection!

I have a quilt top post for the blog planned - what to do with them, how to care for them, etc, but obviously I am swamped and exhausted and worrying to death at the moment. :/


  1. Oh no, so scary. Thinking good thoughts for Sammi and all of you.

  2. Random, but any chance she has been exposed to salmonella? Maren had salmonella poisoning when she was about 2, and it was lots of diarrhea, listlessness, weightloss, etc. Kinda out there but just a thought. Poor sweet Sammi! Poor Momma Sarah. :(

  3. I have had that Sam on my mind. Nothing worse than a sick child ....where is that magic wand to make her well!?! Hang in there....
    p.s. the Easter baskets are great...especially that little pipe cleaner chick

  4. Oh poor Sammi, and you!! I will keep you both in my prayers(and that no one else in the house gets it!). Have you gotten ahold of your Dr. yet?

  5. The poor girl! And nothing makes us moms feel worse than not being able to help. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Lovely quilt too!

  6. There is a really bad, bad bug going around St Louis. I had it in January and lost 7 pounds in 3 days, My doctor sent me to urgent care (I went to Total Access Urgent Care in Rock Hill) where they gave me 2 IV bags of fluid, did a cat scan and gave me 5 different drugs to fight it. Took me two weeks to get back to normal. None of my tests showed food poisoning. I hope you got your Pediatrician today...I would recommend action and not waiting to get care for your sweet baby.

  7. Prayers for your sweet Baby!!!
    Right away, I am a BIG Beliver in the Power of Prayer!!!!!
    Prayers for Mom too ;)


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