Monday, February 02, 2015

My Little Pony Party, and the laundry. Sort of.

First, the laundry. Sort of. I need to unburden myself a little so that I can get back to reality. Or something.

I have become an instagram junkie! LOL

I finally put up the valentine decorations.  I am still waiting on one box for the swap to arrive, then those boxes will go back out.  There is no way I can do it on Wednesday though, so it might be Thursday or Friday. :(

Someone robbed our cars this weekend. They didn't steal much, petty crap really, but they left behind something of value of THEIR OWN while doing it.  Dumb asses.

Someone I really liked died over the Christmas break. I haven't mentioned it because well, I don't know. She worked at one of  my favorite thrift stores. I met her when Jack was about three or so.  She was always totally into Jack. She taught him to make film canister rockets and build atoms and so much more.  But more importantly, she got ME.  She was the driving force for me to get Jack advanced in school this past year. Her kindness and encouragement made me see that Jack really could do it. I am so sad that I saw her one day and a week later she was gone.  :/

The place where I fell has decided they have no liability  in the issue. I debated legal action, because honestly, it was deadly dangerous on that floor, but have decided to just fix my face and get on with it*.  I shattered my front tooth when I fell which has required thousands of dollars of dental bills and repairs and endless hours and visits to dentists. It was painful and shocking and horrifying and really emotionally upsetting. So, my own tooth is gone now and I am going on Wednesday to get a new crown.

To that end - we finally had Sam's birthday party this weekend.
My Little Pony themed, even though 2 days before the party she started crying that she needed a snow white party not a pony party AND WHY WONT I LISTEN TO HER???
This is actually a shower curtain I found at the flea market! This is the station where the girls colored blank ponies. Those things are AWESOME. Order them directly from Hasbro for $5 each.
Ponies on the mantel.
Pony necklace favors (you can find this tutorial at Raising up Rubies). I am way too lazy for linking today.
Sam wants to know what I am going to make with this "quilt", aka fabric for her. (Joann has a ton of pony fabric right  now.)
Rainbow Dash came from a flea market with that mask on already.

Goodness, she is an adorable little bugger.

We also set up a very simple scavenger hunt for the kids. We had five pony related clues at different places in the house (each clue had a rainbow dash next to it to make it easier for the girls to find) and they followed the clues to a rainbow machine I bought on Amazon for $10.  At the end of the rainbow was a treasure box with "rarity's Jewels", aka ring pops.

Other party thoughts:
Three girls came from Sammi's preschool. This was her very first friend party! And 4 4 year old girls was the perfect number of friends.  Not crazy or wild and plenty of time to do each activity with care.

We did pony decorating, a rainbow dash race (with pom poms and straws since it's winter), the rarity's jewel hunt, a tattoo station, and pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie.

I started at 10 am. An odd time, but the other parents actually said thank you for choosing that time. Turns out I liked it too. The whole day wasn't spent on trying to keep the house clean, there is time for a nap in the afternoon, and the whole morning isn't spent asking over and over when they are coming.  Kids get up early anyway!

All in all a total success.

*It super sucks that this happened on Sam' birthday. I already have a bad association with Grant's birthday and now this! Argh.


  1. Oh my god, Sarah! So sorry to hear about your friend and even more sorry to hear about your fall! I'm assuming you fell at the pool? What a joke that they have a no liability policy. AT A POOL! Where it is obviously slick all the time. Ugh.

    But, Sammi looks like she had so much fun at her party. Makes me want a My Little Pony themed party for my birthday :-)


  2. That Sammi! What a darling girl. Cute party!

    Your poor, poor tooth. I'm so sorry! You know, my mom slipped on something on the floor around the salad bar at a local grocery store. Messed up her knee and had to have surgery on it. I know she contemplated suing--it should have been a slam dunk, there was security camera footage, etc. etc. But I think she just decided same as you, it just wasn't worth it in the end. It sucks because it feels like you're letting them get away with being irresponsible and negligent but sometimes you just have to let it go for your own mental health.

  3. Yes, she is adorable. You did a great job with her party!

    So sorry to hear about your fall and tooth, I'd been wondering what your injuries were. Glad you're able to get it taken care of today.


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