Saturday, February 07, 2015

Paper butterfly snow globe Valentine ornaments

Before Christmas I noticed a few ornaments on pinterest made with half of a plastic fillable ornament.

I knew immediately I wanted to use those for my heart to heart ornaments this year. I waffled for several days about what to put in the darn things. I was going to use some little wooden figurines I bought at an estate sale, but they were too small. I considered Valentine snowmen, but couldn't find any pom poms I really liked (the best pom poms are at Hobby Lobby it turns out).

I had been tossing around the idea of paper butterflies when I went into Michaels looking for something else and saw these gorgeous paper butterflies in their dollar section.

My circles are NOT nicely circular because I used a super sturdy chipboard backing which was hard to cut.  I covered them with spray adhesive and scrapbook paper.
Then I glued on the butterflies using a large glass bead as a spacer to make the butterfly stand out.
We tossed around several imaginary Latin names for this species and landed on something close to fluttering heart.

Then I glued on half of the fillable ornaments.
Added some sparkly tinsel.
And bob's your uncle.

I am REALLY pleased with them.  Every year I think I have made my favorite ornament ever and then the next year comes!

I will blog the rest of the ornaments starting on Monday. I really do think this was our best swap year ever. Hopefully the last of the boxes are arriving to swappers today!

I mentioned this on facebook (following me there yet?) - but a HUGE thank you to everyone for using Etsy to do the swap this year.  In the past it has taken me many, many hours to do the sorting and packing part. There have been tears and cursing and who knows what else. But using the shop made it lickety split easy. I was done with the whole thing in under an hour and the boxes were on their way.


  1. Love, love, LOVE these beautiful butterflies! I'm still trying to find where to hang this latest batch of ornies, as my twiggy branches are full of treasures from years past. :)

    So glad Etsy made it easier for you- it was certainly easy from our end!


  2. I had been loving the sneak peek on IG. They turned out splendid. Even though I took a swap break this year, I'll be eagerly looking over all the valentine goodies!

  3. I absolutely LOVED this ornament! Like a tiny work of art!


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