Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Pinwheel baby quilt

I am a determined quilting machine so far this year!
But first - yesterday Grant and I went to Joann to get some binding fabric for the next quilt.  Now Grant never talks to strangers. Ever. But he was in the cart going hi! bye bye! to every woman in there.  One woman stopped to talk to him and as we walked away he said to me, "She's nice." LOLOL
Anyway. My dad is a driver for the Amish. Since they are carless and often need to travel, he does the driving. One of the girls is having a baby and he wanted to give her a quilt. He asked the Amish quilters, but predictably their lists are miles long, so I volunteered to do it.
 I did an easy pinwheel.  Riley Blake dots, Kona gray (I chose gray because Amish quilts are typically dark), domino dot binding in an unexpected plum. 

I used the Missouri Quilting Company video tutorial as the method for the pinwheels and BLARGH! So many bias problems.
 It worked out in the end I suppose.
The biggest bias problem was when I tried to add a border. Oy. Won't be making that mistake again.

My first quilt finish of 2015!

Now onto the next one...


  1. You totally need to open your own shop someday. Your talents need to be shared with the world :-)


  2. Sweet! Making a quilt for an Amish family would be intimidating!

  3. I agree, I would be a bit intimidated to make something for an Amish family too. But I think yours turned out beautiful. I love the colors. Hope your mouth is feeling better.


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