Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Thrifting on a Monday

Wednesdays are my one day of the week with no kids, but this Wednesday I have to take my mom to get her taxes done, get my tooth worked again, have the baby sitter coming while we take Jackson to middle school orientation (!!!), blah blah. That means NO fun day for me this week!

So I decided yesterday that Grant and I would hit the Goodwill while Sam was at preschool.

It wasn't a bad trip for a Monday.
Mollie Makes for 10 cents? YES PLEASE! (Wish there had been more.)
Marquee letters.
1993 Fisher Price Camera. Do you all know this toy camera collection photo? (The original source no longer exists.) It was one of the first things I pinned. I find myself oddly attracted to all toy cameras.
Vintage Fisher Price Sesame Street. The kids have been playing with this non stop. I wish it had some of it's pieces.  I don't have any in the fisher price bin.
A small, delicate antique doll bed. It's a little broken where the canopy went, but it was so sweet I could not leave it there.
And some pink depression glass.

There was also a HUGE can full of quilt pieces. I didn't dig through while we were there and once I had sorted them all they are all shop bound.

The best part was Grant TOTALLY behaved the entire time.  He reached out of the cart and snagged a stuffed Curious George which he has not been without since.

Back tomorrow with my first quilt finish of 2015! Woohoo.

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  1. Mollie Makes is such an awesome magazine. I wish I could actually do some of the things in there :-)



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