Sunday, March 22, 2015

Flea Market Sunday, a FOUR quilt kind of day

Oh boy, this was a two flea market weekend.  And I am beat.

Before we get to the end you are going to be like "SARAH! Buy enough crap did ya? Didn't you just take a bunch of crap to the goodwill again?" LOL. 

Ah well, the junking circle of life.

Mary had a little lamb, with all her pieces. (For now, cough.)
Ginty loves these old pull toys.
Sadly the backs on these were cut to go over someone's porch lights, but for 50 cents, who cares?
Ah! The best buy ever. It works!  The blur on the bottom is a swinging girl. It actually keeps time and it plays edelweiss on the hour. I also bought a wooden German music box that happens to play Edelweiss too. Let's blame all that on the sound of music special Dave and I watched this week, okay? (If you are on instagram you saw that I paid a whopping $2 for this.)
Moving right along... This is the sweetest little cross stitch ever. I need to clean it up a little and iron it so I can get it framed.
It is done so well. Look at the tiger! I die.
One armed pumpkin man. Again, for 50 cents do I care? I think not.
Irmi circus mobile.
That fish!
A dancing bear! A dancing bear! When we went to the circus I died over the dancing, bike riding bears. Oh sure, it's wrong, blah blah. I still died.
Quilt number one. Slightly tattered, but a very interesting pattern.

An organdy apron. I never really buy aprons for anything but the shop anymore, but this one? 
I am weak.
Quilts number two AND three.  The light outside is not great, but these are a perfect minty green. Not the most exciting pattern, but the fact that she made two - one in girl colors and one in boy colors totally swayed me.
And there was no way I could split up the pair.
They are so soft and sweet.
Feed sack.
Another apron. I follow a seller on instagram who sold a piece of this fabric a few weeks ago and MAN I cried in my cheerios when I missed it. I stalk her sales hard core but the kids were sick or something.
So when I saw these bubbly beauties this morning I SCREECHED to a halt. I might have paid anything for them really.
The loveliest piece of vintage fabric I have bought in a looooong time.
Not a great picture of it though. It keeps telling me it needs to be a duvet cover.
I might have to let it boss me and make that this week.
And quilt number four.

Now, it is entirely possible that quilt number four will be the quilt that breaks my quilt storage's back. My home for wayward quilts is getting full up again. And I have ZERO luck selling them (mostly because of shipping I think). (I can, however, unload them at garage sales pretty easily and the neighborhood garage sale is a few weeks away).
The lady who sold me this one tried really hard to convince me her other quilts "were much, much better".

They were not.
I try to smile through that stuff - people telling me about their quilts - because let's face it I am a full on quilt hoarder. Unless it's related to the history of that particular quilt I am pretty capable of assessing them by now.

 And besides, the heart wants what the heart wants. And my heart does NOT want some 1970s embroidered quilt.

It wants this beauty. With it's meandering wedges, and that lovely quilting in the centers.

Ah, flea market season, I'd say it's upon me already and in full swing.

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. I am so jealous! I want to have an amazing haul like that. I haven't bought a quilt in two weeks (gasp!). But with all the chaos you have been dealing with in regards to sick kids, you totally deserved a weekend like this!


  2. That cross stitch is adorable and I bet those are the creator's initials in the block (KA).


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