Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flea Market Sunday

I am not going to lie - the weather is gorgeous, my floors and my house are a muddy wreck again, and I have approximately ZERO give a damn. I just want to sit in the yard.

The flea this morning was chilly and crowded, but you can tell that prime flea season is just around the corner. I had a fairly good morning considering we are still at about 30% vendor capacity.
I admired these sunny yellow feedsacks (they look more mustard here) last weekend at a totally different sale, but the price was $10 each and she would NOT BUDGE.  This morning her husband was there and he told me $8, but took $7 each when I bought two. Much more in my budget. (And I will confess I had mooned over leaving them behind the last time.)
This sweet bride and groom are marked Japan on the bottom. They are the same composite material and style of many of my nativity figurines. I love them. I think my cake toppers are one of my sweetest collections.
This little $1 bunny was obviously part of something once, he is solid plastic.
Very sweet child's smock.
This is a pair of Tall! (10 inches or so) bunny banks. I die. Pity about their glasses. She said she thinks squirrels got them in the attic as they were perfect when they went up there.  You cant really remove the glasses, so they either stay as is, or I sort something out.  I am totally clueless about what I could even do with their glasses though....

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. I have a pair of those bunnies too and the glasses are also broken. I just say they are wearing monocles:-)


  2. Keep enjoying your gorgeous warm weather. Housekeeping can wait! Super finds and I love those bunnies. Their glasses give them character.


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